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May 22 2018


tumblr post: reblog if you’re not homophobic!!!!1!

me, a gay who is tired of seeing this shit on my dash:





imagine being able to put adfly links to unfollow buttons

i’d make $0 bc no one would ever click unfollow


because they never clicked follow in the first place


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modern au cask of amontillado

I am fucking dying

the keg of amontillado

crack open a cold one with montresor



It baffles and infuriates me that Hogwarts students don’t take Latin or Greek. Accio? Literally “I summon.” Lumos? Fucking “light.” Expelliarmus? Expel weapon!! Ooooh I wonder what Levicorpus does– you Dumb Ass Bastard. You ILLITERATE. It’s called Levicorpus, it lifts someone’s body, it LEVIES your goddamn CORPUS-

Hermione ghost wrote this




deer are horse if they were twinks

why does this make sense,,.?,.????

Moose are horse if they were bears

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Shadow Ghoul




marvel is disney’s forever cash cow! it appeals to children, teens, and sweaty adults! it’s all quite loud and colorful, with the same safe formula every time, but with different directors and tweaks to make it whatever the fuck memorable each time. plus the reliance on violence to push the plot will give them those dank US military checks until explosions go extinct. truly we live in horrific times but i don’t really care 

thank u all for letting me know the military quit cutting checks for the MCU after Avengers because they got offended bc the fictional magic men are an alternative to the american military. i’m sorry i was misinformed but more importantly that’s really, really, really, really, really fucking funny

Just to clarify - the Pentagon pulled out of the Avengers (and thus the MCU) because it wasn’t clear whether SHIELD was a branch of the US government, and, if so, where it fell in relation to the military in terms of hierarchy. (Source)

So, it wasn’t just “magic men are unrealistic”, it was “magic men are unrealistic and we don’t know if we outrank them.”

May 21 2018

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This isn’t surreal this is high school

And college




Still don’t know what fortnite is about

Like. Supposedly it’s really popular? The numbers don’t lie. But I haven’t seen or heard a single person actively talk about or recommend it. It’s got that weird combination of incredible success and zero cultural impact.

Like James Cameron’s Avatar

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Vote Them Out

Cowboys aren’t attracti-








one of the most annoying things about royal weddings is all the middle class liberals who come out with their tepid takes about how they ‘don’t mind the royals, actually’ as if a liberal having no problem with unearned wealth and privilege is some massive shocker 

Innit. Especially now these two are ‘socially conscious’, the mc liberals can really give that royal arse a good tonguing. The Queen knows what she’s doing, she’s adapting the monarchy to the times. They could go on for another 50 years like this.

The royal family existing is profitable for the UK as a whole, because it basically funds half the tourism industry. They’re obnoxious, but getting rid of them would actively harm the working class in many of the places most hostile to the working class. Get off your bloody high horse. 

actually socialising their wealth would benefit the working class directly and we’d get even more tourists when the palaces are fully open to the public, like in the other countries that have done the sensible thing and gotten rid of their monarchies.

In 2016/2017 just under 2,000,000 people visited ‘royal properties’. Meanwhile in 2015/2016, 7,000,000 people visited the British Museum alone. In 2015 nothing related to the monarchy came close to the top 10 most visited attractions in the UK. The ‘monarcy bring money in’ is a myth, in 2016 Flamingo Land was visited more than any palace.

The ‘royal family’ cost about £350,000,000 a year, which is an unjustifiable amount of money considering that since 2010, people using food banks has jumped from 41,000 to 1,200,000.

Reblogging for the last.

3 word policy for every member of the royal family: abdicate or die

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no moment like the present moment

This is the emotional polar opposite of this image:

holy shit

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why do they look like a couple at a parent/teacher conference who are only just now hearing about all the terrible things their child is doing

This is even funnier now that we know Steve is PD


What Pokémon region are you from?

So it’s pretty simple, Whichever series was out when you were 10 years old is where your from.

This chart will help everyone out

In 2007 I had turned 10 so the game series that was out was diamond and pearl, which means that the region I started my journey in is Sinnoh!

Reblog with what region you start your journey in and what starter you picked.

Anyway I’m from Sinnoh and my starter is turtwig.

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say it with me now..

2018 Goals

Since last week I’ve been getting extra money at work for free

Yo Canada, quick question. Why is your money see through?!?

so we can shine a laser pointer through the window and see the value amount projected afar as added protection from forgeries

Yo USA, why the FUCK are we still using fragile scraps of linen like fucking animals when we could have fucking Laser Show Dollars instead?

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A Fact.

Ryan: “Now onto our final theory: that he was kidnapped by aliens.”

Shane: “Oh horSEHIT!!!!” 

Peter Q, who’s been watching over Peter P.’s shoulder this whole time: “Wha-NO, NO, HE’S RIGHT, THAT BIG BLUE BASTARD DID IT.” 

i love this so much.

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meme contribution

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